Solar Energy companies need to market and they are always looking for solid leads for solar.

We do not offer a list of homeowners who have raised their hands and said “I want a Solar Energy System for my home and I want it installed next week and I’m paying cash.” There is no such list. Anyone who tells you they have a list of these people is pulling your leg.

We provide top quality prospect lists, where we customize a list to match your specific needs. Ask us about a real list of environmentally conscious credit-worthy homeowners. Lists are available for mail, phone and email.

A report published by GTM research put the cost of customer acquisition in the US solar market at $0.49 per watt. If the average size of a residential solar installation in America is 5 KW then the average cost of attracting a new customer in the residential solar market in America is around $2,500.00.

How are you generating new solar prospects?

Solar Companies who reach out to Eco-Conscious Homeowners generate high ROI. These established Homeowners have a proven track record in believing in and buying Green products & services. They are great prospects for a Solar system in their home. Based on their own requirements, Solar companies can refine our Green Homeowner list by selecting home value, equity in home, credit worthiness and discretionary spending ability in addition to homeowner age, income and family size.

New Homeowners are another key group. They expect to be in their new home for years and understand that an investment in their new home will pay off. With many of the lease-to-own, Solar Loan and Purchase Power programs, marketing to New Homeowners is a winning proposition. Week-after-week, month-after-month, successful Solar companies all across the country use our New Homeowner & New Connect Lists to get new customers as soon as they move into town!

Swimming Pools Owners are also a high-response market segment. Pool owners can save big money with passive solar collectors, since they can heat water more efficiently and cheaply than traditional pool heaters. A 2 KW solar panel system can run a 1 horsepower pool pump 5 hours a day. BTW – You may also want to further segment the list and market to Millennials with Swimming Pools. Not only are they conscious of costs and saving money – they believe in sustainability and the future of a renewable energy world!

These are the Top Lists for Lead Generation in the Solar Industry:

Solar Loan Prospects

Homeowners with 680+ credit are the prime prospects for Solar Loans. What we do is take homeowners with modeled credit of 700+ and overlay eco-consciousness on the file. This gives you a winning list of prospects, without the hassle or delay of jumping through hoops to rent basic credit data, and with immediate turnaround on the list.

Multi-Channel Marketing

While there are many approaches a Solar Company can take when reaching out to new prospects and the key is to match the marketing proposal to the specific target list.

For those Solar Companies who want to maximize their outreach in a multi-channel way, we now offer companion email list to your Homeowner mailing list. This way you can use email to deliver your message and gain some exposure before the direct mail hits. This new approach lets small businesses market using big business technology.

We also offer a new program – Combo direct mail list with a Digital Display advertising campaign. Click here to read more.

Want to Know How Your State Ranks in terms of it’s Solar grade ?

This chart ranks the 50 states and the District of Columbia, from best (green) to worst (red), based on their solar-friendliness. For example, in 2018, New Jersey received the best score, while Louisiana receives the worst. Click here to see the report.

What States looks to be the Top markets for 2020?

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