Marketers Ramping Up Direct Mail Initiatives

August 11th, 2022 by

Marketers are ramping  up their direct mail.

Direct mail is still a key channel to engage prospects, customers and even employees in today’s digital/hybrid age. Direct mail works. It builds customer loyalty, closes deals faster and shows client and employees appreciation across all stages of the buyer’s journey.

It’s true that direct mail has been hot for a few years. Now, we are seeing that marketers are ramping up their direct mail initiatives to bring it into their omnichannel strategies. But don’t call is a comeback. Demand Gen Report’s “2022 Demand Generation Benchmark Study” found that 21% of respondents said they’re prioritizing direct mail initiatives. This is a boost from 2021’s 15%.

I think that this report provides marketers with some great ideas.

First, it stresses quality over quantity. That’s one of the advantages of any kinds of direct marketing. The ability to fine tune your criteria and select a targeted marketing list. That starts your campaign off with a quality audience.

Next, the report reminds us that marketers need to reach out in a myriad of different ways – ranging from mail to digital to product demos.

Owners of all different types of businesses know they need to market. Everything we read reinforces the urgency of reaching prospects in multiple ways. But the big question is how to decide what avenues to use. And, how to divvy up the budget.

When the time is right

As you all know, I am a real proponent of ramping up direct mail. I guess that’s because I read my mail. I don’t get as much as I used to. But, I actually look at each piece and weigh its value to me. A lot depends on timing. The truth is that I don’t need every offer I get – right at that time.

I live in an older home (OK, I live in Florida and anything over 20 years old is considered an older home).  I have called HVAC companies, plumbers, and painters from mailers I received – and saved – for when the need arose. (C’mon, are you telling me you don’t have a pile of postcards and “stuff” you got in the mail on your desk, in case you need it someday?)

Technology is a wonderful thing. It makes it easy for us to test the different marketing channels and see what works best for our businesses and our offers.  Trial and error is the only way we will ever figure out how to divvy up those marketing dollars. Testing to see what works.

Today’s technology makes it easy to help a business owner figure out which direction to take. Nowadays, you can go online, design a postcard and have it printed and mailed to your list immediately. You can work with a company to create a video to play when someone opens their mail. When you use your email deployment or CRM system, you get immediate feedback as to your opens and clicks.  And, in terms of pay per click ads, you can get a report from Google to let you know if your ad worked or not.

A watched pot doesn’t boil

Two important points I need to make here in terms of ramping up any type of marketing.

First, the onus is on you to make sure your people ask your prospects “how did you hear about us?”. If you’re not sure your people are asking that question, you may be wasting your money. You need to know.

Second, nothing works immediately. You need to commit to your marketing channel test. You need to give it time. Marketing success is about consistency and repetition. I have worked with marketers who direct mail to new homeowners for one week and say it didn’t work. Then I hear from them three weeks later saying they got calls…and want to subscribe to the new homeowner service again. Being consistent in your marketing is the way to go.

People want you when they need you. You need to make sure they know your company exists. And you need to make sure they remember you when the time comes that they need your services!!