Does Your Direct Mail Get Respect?

July 30th, 2018 by

I read a fabulous article by Jill Kourtis in Target Marketing magazine equating direct mail as the Rodney Dangerfield of media. Yes, it’s almost an extinct reference, but the comedian’s famous “I don’t get respect” act truly fits here. Ask yourself if your direct mail get respect? Great direct mail campaigns lead to big time sales — which — ultimately yield big time respect.

Here are some suggestions for making your Direct Mail Get Respect

  1. Do the math– Whether it be on the back-of-a-napkin, or via a comprehensive pro-forma spreadsheet, finding out in advance whether you can afford the cost of a direct mail lead is the best first step.
  2. Make Sure you are targeting the right prospects – If you haven’t pulled a mailing list of the right people, you don’t deserve any respect!
  3. Start with a test– If you walk around the office showing people your direct mail, I can already tell you how that will go. Pretty much no one will like what could turn out to be the best performing direct mail package. Nothing beats the value of “in-market” testing.
  4. Feature a solid offer– Your offer goes above and beyond the product features. The offer helps push your prospect over the edge and encourages them to contact you. I always say make them an offer they can’t refuse. After all, you’ve already gone to the expense of a mail campaign – now give them an offer that encourages response.
  5. Provide different response vehicles – People like to have choices when they contact you for more information. Prominent phone #, QR code for people to use that pulls them right into your website, BRMs/BRCs where appropriate.
  6. Analyze your results – Tweak as needed. It’s like cooking. Sometimes you need to add more salt.
  7. Enhance with Other Channels – Pairing your campaign with additional marketing channels, such as email, social media, radio or print will enhance your response and your direct mail campaign will earn the respect it deserves.


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