Why Dental Direct Mail Keeps Working

January 23rd, 2015 by

Dental Direct Mail – dentists know it works. As a matter of fact, direct marketing and digital marketing are integral parts of any Dental Practice.

The problem is not everyone in need of a Dentist is actively looking for one. For instance, some new movers might have put finding a new dentist on the back-burner, which is why the Dental Practice should mail to them at least twice and must persuade them with a great offer. A family with growing children might not be in need of an Orthodontist yet for braces, but they will in the next couple of years. A Dental Direct Mail program using new movers is a highly effective marketing tool that works month-in / month-out.

We know that Dental practices need to continually market to find new patients.

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The reason Direct Mail is still so important for Dentists is because of its effectiveness when it comes to prospecting for new patients.

In terms of digital marketing, PPC and Google Local are the most important tools a Dentist can use to attract prospective patients who are actively looking for a new dentist. That is why it’s an extremely important part of their marketing mix.  Key Words, Blogs, Backlinks, all of these things make a huge difference when someone types “Local Dentist” into Google. Make sure your Google local is updated at least once a week.

In any case, Direct Mail is the still best way to reach an extremely targeted and geo-specific audience and find new patients.