Direct Marketing: Dental Marketing vs Dental Advertising

July 21st, 2014 by

Many dental practices use direct mail to find new customers.

Some simply mail to everyone in a market; others target market to specific groups by age & income; still others use trigger lists, like New Movers or Families with Children turning 1.

Regardless of the market, when dental practices design their creative, they need to keep these scenarios in mind, as they match their message and offer to their market group.

I am sharing the contents pasted below from a post from a blog by Studio C5, LLC – called Dental Marketing versus Dental Advertising.

“”To make it clear just how different dental marketing vs dental advertising really is, imagine these scenarios:

• You advertise that you offer the lowest prices. You market that oral health is essential at any price.
• You advertise that you’re great with kids. You market the same fact by setting up kid-friendly spaces and training your staff to work with young patients.
• You advertise that you perform cosmetic dentistry. You market that a nice smile has a huge effect on self-image.
• You advertise for a month. You market all day every day.

If it sounds like marketing is more complicated and requires more work – it does. But it also benefits your practice in more significant ways. When you advertise effectively, the phone rings off the hook for a week. When you market effectively, your first-time patients turn into long-term patients, bring in their kids, tell their friends about you, and take their lifelong oral health seriously.”

So true.
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