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Local Search

What happens when someone breaks a tooth or needs emergency dental care? Most of the time, they will go on-line either on their home computer or use their mobile phone to search for a local dentist. They will usually click on one of the dental practices closest to the top and if they use their mobile phone, they will most likely only see one or two choices.

How does your dental practice rank? Can you be quickly and easily found in local search? Furthermore, will your practice name pop up, along with a map indicating directions to your practice and your phone number for easy connection?

Remember, when an emergency occurs, people need speed, people need convenience. They are not going to start scrolling around. They need to find your practice and be able to click & call you right away. And, if your practice is not front and center in local search, consumers will bypass you. They will go right to the practice that offers them the efficiency they are looking for.

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