Weekly New Homeowner Lists – be first in the door

February 18th, 2021 by

Marketers who want to make an impact use weekly new homeowner lists. This way they can be first in their prospect’s door.

For many businesses, being first in the door, gives them the edge on their competition.

Just think, you buy a new home and you need blinds for your windows. The first company that contacts you is most likely to get your business.

The same thing goes for restaurants and retail stores. New Homeowners eat out twice as much in the first 3 months they are in their new home as established homeowners. Your job is to reach out to the new homeowners as soon as they arrive. Make them a solid offer. The chances are that you will convert them into a customer. And, just think of the lifetime value of this new customer.

Why New Homeowner mailings work – a Case Study

One of my clients is a nail salon. She still has customers from her first weekly new homeowner mailing two years ago. Her creative featured a woman who broke a nail while unpacking. Her offer was a free manicure. This was a highly successful campaign.  Yes, the women who answered the ad had a free manicure. But they also paid for a pedicure, a massage and an upgrade to gel.  Once that customer walked in their door, the rest was up to the Salon. Their job was to keep those new customers satisfied. After all, a satisfied customer will return and tell her friends.

Another client of mine is an Italian restaurant. They mailed new homeowners an offer for a free pizza. You bet they got a response. Last week I spoke to them and they told me that that postcard was the absolute best marketing they ever did. The pizza cost them a couple of bucks. Each new customer generated hundreds of dollars.

The Home Industry

Businesses in the Home Industry are big users of weekly new homeowner lists. For example, businesses in the water treatment industry mail to new homeowners each week. After years of research, they know that being first in the door gives them the highest probability of clinching the sale. Also, by contracting for a weekly new homeowner list, they spread their marketing costs. They also are able to handle the responses. This way, their sales department has an on-going supply of fresh leads to work.