Improve your Marketing Results with WQA Study

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Water Dealers – Improve your marketing results with the WQA Consumer Opinion Study.

There is alot of marketing intelligence in the 2015 WQA Consumer Opinion Study and those water dealers who use this material proactively will generate new leads for their dealerships.

In this blog, I will concentrate on one standout finding from the study, which Dealers can easily and cost effectively act on today and that is marketing to New Homeowners.

The Water Industry has traditionally used the New Homeowner list for years.  The WQA Survey validates this once again. According to the Study, a majority (60%) of those that purchase a water softener tend to purchase one within one year after buying or leasing a home.

Why are New Homeowners such a great market? Because the water doesn’t taste the same as it did in their old home.

Any Water Dealer who does not market to New Homeowners is missing out. Since New Homeowner lists are typically small, dealers need to reach out to every single new homeowner name they can get their hands on. Not only that, they should reach out to them more than once. This will enhance their name recognition and branding.

While many dealers feel that it’s necessary to be the very first one in the home, according to the WQA Survey, the key here is the phrase “within the first year”. Sure, some people take care of this right away – but, according to the survey, 60% of them will buy a water softener within the first year.

Ask yourself this – if a New Homeowner types in water filters in Google, is your Dealership going to come out on top?  Unless you have unlimited marketing dollars to insure top 3 placements, you need to reach them before they click on someone else.

Every New Homeowner Name is a Valuable Lead

Mail them, call them, stop by and introduce yourself – every New Homeowner name is a valuable lead.

While the complete 172 page study is available to WQA members only (which is a good reason to be a WQA member) to whet your appetite, here’s a link to the WQA snapshot page – which is like an Executive Summary of the report. Reading this study will give you lots of options to improve your marketing results.

BTW – Look forward to reading a fairly extensive article on this topic, which will be coming out in Water Technology Magazine in the next 2 months. I will be reviewing why consumers buy a water filtration unit as well as actual consumer motivators that dealers can use when it comes to crafting their marketing messages.

I will also be speaking on this topic at WQA in Nashville this year on how water dealers can improve their marketing. ….which is another great reason for you to sign up for the annual WQA-Aquatech conference.

new homeowners are a top market for water dealers

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