Use Postcards to Create a Lasting Impression for Retail Business in Q4

September 28th, 2023 by

I am thrilled to see the latest direct mail research which shows that retailers and marketers successfully use postcards to get the word out. It’s always great to feel validated by outside research!

Right now, as we move into Q4, retailers are gearing up for a very exciting shopping season. This includes Black Friday deals and lots of holiday shopping campaigns. With such high traffic, the fourth quarter is make-or-break for marketers looking to maximize brand awareness and drive purchases.

Maybe the mailbox is not the first place you think of when you’re planning your marketing strategy. But don’t pooh-pooh direct mail. New industry research shows retail direct mail is still one of the most successful customer acquisition channels.

Check out the statistics

I read this in the 2023 Direct Mail Marketing Benchmark Report from SeQuel Response. Check this graph out.

Postcards-are-Preferred- type-of-direct-mail  What this shows is that 78% of consumers chose postcards as their preferred mail format.

It’s great that consumers love them – since postcards are the quickest and most affordable type of mail to produce. Postcards are also available in various sizes and formats, providing flexibility in your direct mail design and messaging.

This report also showed that marketers indicated that they are likely to test direct mail automation this year. Postcards are a great choice for acquisition, continuity, retargeting and retention. These campaigns typically are powered by automated programs.

For example, many businesses send postcards out to new homeowners every week. Insurance agents mail to people turning 65 each month. Online retailers mail to people who dropped their cart every day. These may be small quantities, but the continuity and consistency of an automated program moves the response needle way up.

Retail direct mail postcards are eye-catching and a great way to attract new customers. Many retailers and service business use to design, address and mail their postcards. myDMpostcards is the solution to the dilemma many small businesses face in terms of finding the right resource to handle their postcard direct mail. The site offers an easy-to-use self-service portal, which gives business owners and marketing managers a cost-effective marketing solution.

It doesn’t matter if you’re announcing a new store location, promoting a sale or running a branding campaign to potential buyers. With postcards, your audience will immediately see your brand and offer and know immediately how to respond.