The Antidote to Online Fatigue

May 12th, 2020 by

Direct mail is the antidote to online fatigue. It is the only medium that gets an advertiser’s message right into their customer’s hands.

The latest statistics show that many individuals are spending 8-10 hours/day glued to their devices.

Social media has become “The Outlet” to interact with friends and family. At the same time, many users have become less open to being enticed by advertisements while they’re online. It’s as if scrolling and content consumption has become a mechanism to fill time or act as a distraction.  Users simply aren’t “in the market” for advertising. It’s as if they have become immune to the marketing messages.

Not only that, as COVID-19 continues to spread, Americans are under a near-constant barrage of information about the virus. The president. Governors. Mayors. Schools. CDC. WHO. The news media. Every retailer. Physician offices. Your local salon. Everyone is trying to deliver essential information to the populace.

It’s exhausting.

As a result, digital advertising campaigns are bringing in in unpredictable results. Many brands have found it harder to make a meaningful impact with their usual online advertising campaigns. Likewise, many brands have wanted to disassociate themselves with negative, fear-filled posts. They don’t want their ad next to a post about someone dying from Covid-19.

Direct mail provides the solution. It is the perfect antidote to online fatigue. Advertisers who want to get their message across are mailing. By targeting their best prospects, they are getting the results they need.

Direct Mail – 2nd most used marketing medium

Most of the country has transitioned to a largely digital lifestyle. However, the “email vs. direct mail” battle continues to thrive in the marketing world. Yes, there was an upswing in email marketing over a decade ago. While we all thought that email would be a marketing panacea. Email marketing can be a solid marketing channel, when done correctly. And, yes, there is more than enough recent research to show that direct mail has made a significant comeback.

For example, direct mail is now tied with social media as the second-most used medium. It has a higher response rate than any digital direct marketing outlet.

Additionally, 76% of consumers say they trust direct mail over digital channels when making a purchase. Even large companies are taking notice. Goldman Sachs Group recently invested $25 million dollars to integrate direct mail into email-based marketing automation platforms.