We also offer census-based data in our Consumer list menu. You would use this type of list if you want to reach out to prospects by median age or income criteria. There are other census data selects that can be useful. One of the most important lets you target African-Americans or Hispanics in a given area by percentage of the population.

More Than Canned Data

Our Consumer Lists are not just canned data. The database is updated on a continuous, rolling basis. New homeowner, new mover and mortgage data are added into the file each week. New lifestyle and response data are added in monthly. The file is NCOA’d each month and run through all the data hygiene processes.

This is the most comprehensive Consumer List database available. In addition to the mailing list itself, you can request telephone numbers. We can even append e-mail addresses and cell phone data using after-market processing.

By doing this, the National Consumer Database offers you the flexibility and ability to contact people via multiple channels. Certainly, for successful omni-channel marketing, this is a must!

Don’t waste your time or money marketing to people who aren’t going to buy from you. Let us help you find your best possible prospects.

You’re not just another anonymous buyer when you work with Dataman Group. We will ask you the right questions to help you target your market. As a result, we’ll learn about your best prospect from you. Then, we know how to work with the data to make it work for you.

Let us help you customize your mailing list, with our highly targeted, effective data. Our goal is to help you generate a higher number of leads coming into your business. We want you to maximize your investment and come back and buy another list from us in the future!