The 3 C’s of the Purchase Journey

July 29th, 2019 by

Connect – Convert – Continuously Engage

 These three stages help us move our target along the purchase journey.

 In sales & marketing, we use the term “purchase journey” all the time. My definition breaks down the different stages into 3 plateaus: Connect, Convert and Continuously engage.


There are many activities designed to engage. First, a brand needs to be aligned with the right demographic. This is done by targeted marketing – using demographics as well as geographic, lifestyle and behavioral data. Direct mail, online display advertising and search are some solid outreach marketing channels. In the home industry, home show attendees might also be a good target for outreach. This is where you generate the leads for your business. Consequently, you need to have a presence there.


This is the activity intended to turn homeowners who have shown interest in your brand into buyers. This is where you take the leads and work them. Even if you’re a small shop, you still need to track your data.

Nowadays, there are different marketing automation options that a small business can use. Some of them, like Hubspot, offer a free program that helps you decide if this is something you want to do.

In any case, you need to know that your organization is making use of its leads and converting them into sales.

Similarly, this is also the stage where you measure your progress. You always try to improve your success by tweaking your message and offer.

Continuously Engage

We are talking post-purchase here. This is your company’s program designed to ensure product satisfaction. You want to encourage social sharing and involvement and drive future sales.

This continues to enhance your brand with your target group.


Thank you to Jay Davidson from Upshot for the names of the 3 stages of the Purchase Journey.