Promote Your Restaurant with Direct Marketing

August 15th, 2008 by

Here are some easy tips to help you promote your restaurant.

Business is off at our Restaurant. What Can I do that is Unique to Increase my Business?
– Burt Wolf, The Vinings Restaurant, Milwaukee, WI

Let me suggest 2 quick, easy, cost-effective, high response sure-fire winners!

Consider Birthday Mailings

You can obtain a mailing list of individuals who will be having birthdays in a specific month.
Restaurants do very well by sending out a birthday card with a special offer enticing them to try out the restaurant. Offer is key – remember this is a birthday gift! A bottle of wine or desert for 2 works well.

Consider Mailings to New Homeowners

New Homeowners eat out 6 times as often as established residents in their first 3 months.
You can obtain a list of New Homeowners within a 5 mile radius of your restaurant – and each month, mail to the brand New Homeowners in your area. Again, the offer is important to get them in your door.

Once the new customer patronizes your restaurant, this is also your chance to obtain their e-mail address (opt-in, of course!). This allows you to continue to keep in touch with them on a continuing basis.


A brand new option for restaurants!

This is your chance to promote your restaurant to people in your area, to new homeowners, as well as people eating at competing restaurants.  If you want to learn more about geofencing, we can send you our brand new eBook: Guide to Geofencing. Email datadale at [email protected] and ask her to end you the guide!

The list professionals at Dataman Group will be happy to help you locate New Homeowner and people having birthdays in your area. You can e-mail us for counts or additional information or call our office at (800) 771-3282 and Ask DataDale.