Marketing Children’s Dental Health Month

January 31st, 2020 by

Each year in February, the American Dental Association promotes the National Children’s Dental Health Month. This is to increase the awareness levels to children and their parents regarding the importance of maintaining oral health and wellness.

Every Dental Practice should align itself with National Children’s Dental Health Month. The ADA provides lots of resources that Dental Practices can mail to their own patients as well as to the Families with Children in their markets.

In 2019, the ADA National Children’s Dental Health Month campaign was very successful. It brought together thousands, if not millions, of committed dental experts, practitioners and healthcare providers to promote and spread awareness of good dental hygiene.

By highlighting Children’s Dental Health Month, dental practices can elevate their brand in the marketplace. This is a great outreach opportunity. It offers a relevant reason for you to contact families with children in your area. It’s not a hard sell marketing piece. You’re marketing your affiliation with this national program. You are showing people that you are at the top of the curve when it comes to providing them with the most current information.

Focusing on National Children’s Dental Health Month is timely and educational. And, you can easily use some of the ADA free resources to provide some fun for your patients!

Use targeted lists to spread the word

There is no better, more cost-effective way to spread the word to the right people, than using a targeted direct mail list from a quality list house.. It’s not that I’m tooting my own horn. At Dataman Group, we’ve been working with Dental practices for over 35 years to help them spread the word.

The top list is families with children 1-10 years old, within 5 miles from your practice. The campaign you select depends on your budget.

You can chase your mailing with your digital and social media. We can append email addresses to your list so you can market to this group via multiple channels. This  increases your brand exposure to these households and ups your name recognition. Nowadays, it’s simple to time your digital and social to hit as a companion to the direct mail. You can even expand the social within your own customer list. This is month-long event lends itself to contests on your Facebook and Yelp pages.

Get creative. Make it fun. By promoting National Children’s Dental Health month – you are promoting your own practice.

**BTW – If you don’t have something to mail, we can put you in touch with the right people for print & mail as well as the digital/social component.