Are you failing at millennial marketing?

January 16th, 2017 by


I want to comment on an article by Kevin Wong, DC, who specializes in foot analysis, walking and standing postures, and orthotics. Everyone in the medical practice space can benefit from reading what he’s saying. Click here for a copy of the article titled are you failing at millennial marketing? which was printed in Chiropractic Economics.

I want to call attention to what Dr Wong has written about Email marketing. In the marketing maven world, we always talk about how wonderful email is when used as a CRM tool, rather than as an acquisition tool. Dr. Wong’s has found that to be true as well and has stressed that email is best used as a reminder for scheduled appointments, or to replace orthotics.

When we come to acquisition and branding, medical practices need to remember that direct mail is one of the top acquisition tools in their marketing toolbox.

Study after study shows how hospitals that are committed to a direct mail program, acquire new patients, keep their name in front of the right people and bring in tremendous revenue. Click here for a list of articles and cast studies.

For hospitals, dentists & chiropractors and medical practices, rethink your Direct Mail. 2017 is poised for a huge return of physical mail, which is still the only marketing medium that gets your message efficiently and cost-effectively to a highly targeted audience.