In these coupons or certificates, use strong headlines. For example: Realign Your Back, Realign Your Life.

Use the right offer.

Don’t use percentage-off offers. Consumers respond better to strong dollars-off discounts and offers than they do to percent-off incentives.   $25 Off Any $100 or More Chiropractic Care Service is a way better offer than 25% Off Any Purchase of $100 or More.

In chiropractic marketing, some examples of special offers to consider: $xxxx Annual Family Chiropractic Plan, $25 Chiropractic Exam, Save $20 on X-rays, or Free Chiropractic Consultation.

Keep rules and disclaimers simple in terms of what is not included. In other words:  No double discounts. Expires 00/00/22. Do not use long term expiration dates.  Best practice is to use expiration dates of no more than 60 days to 90 days.

Work with reputable direct-mail marketers.

Select a marketer with a proven track record.  A strong marketing list for chiropractors starts with the practice address. A radius by mileage or drive-time is a good way

Solo direct mail can be very effective. Many local direct-mail houses can help you create, print, mail, and facilitate your entire campaign. Figure your cost ranges from 30 cents to $1 per targeted home. This includes all the costs associated for artwork, printing, addressing, and postage. Of course, the final price depends on the flier, magazine, postcard, letter, or mailer you use. Don’t hesitate to ask for samples of work.  and demographic statistics from their direct-mail database.

There are also great resources available online that offer fabulous postcards that Chiropractors can purchase. These can be personalized with the individual practice information. You can also upload your own mailing list and these sites will do the work for you.

Find the right mailing list provider.

In terms of marketing lists for chiropractors, select a reputable mailing list vendor. Dataman Group in Boca Raton, FL works closely with many Chiropractic practices to provide the right marketing lists for chiropractors.

Start with your geography. Options include selection by zip-code or a radius around the practice. When you select radius, you can pull by mileage or by drive time.

Next, focus on your prospects. There are certain key groups for Chiropractic practices that are top respondents. Consider mailing to individuals suffering from back pain or migraines. Perhaps you want to reach out to New Movers. Other practices focus on blue collar workers. Still other mail to females age 30-60 in a 5-mile radius around their practice.

Co-Op Mail / Coupon Packs

You may also want to test cooperative direct mail. This runs approximately 3 cents to 4 cents per home.  Cooperative direct mailing providers may be local servies or national direct-mail resources, like ValPack. These companies do it all for you, from complementary marketing consultations to the creation and mailing of each piece. These are very affordable. Just remember, you are sharing your space with other local businesses either in a magazine or a co-op envelope format.

Direct-mail magazines typically mail to 50,000 homes per targeted mailing area, so you can select the best ones that will work for your chiropractic office. A high-quality direct-mail magazine option will potentially cost about 3 cents to 4 cents per home.

Coupon envelope resources cooperatively mail loose independent coupons from various local businesses to 10,000 homes per targeted zone.

Create annual direct-mail campaigns.

Invest in your success by using direct-mail advertising consistently throughout the year. Companies often offer cost savings when you mail to multiple or larger targeted areas with annual agreements. Repetition is important for brand awareness.

Set realistic expectations.

In chiropractic marketing, direct mail is a winner, especially with repetition of strong offers. Like any other form of advertising and marketing, however, it usually takes a long-term investment. Visit with your direct-mail consultant to set realistic expectations so you are not disappointed. A monthly New Mover program to the 250 newcomers around a practice might not bring a new patient in every month. But, a Chiropractic practice will get several new patients each year from this kind of program. This more than pays for the cost. Above all, if you make more money than you spend, you’re ahead of the game!

Direct-mail coupons and mini-gift certificates can be tracked, which is why marketing lists for chiropractors are so awesome. If you want to determine the effectiveness of your campaign, ask every patient how they heard about you. Many patients will bring in the postcards, mailers, and coupons. Others will respond to the advertising without bringing in the coupons or advertisements.

Think Multi-Channel.

We know that repetition works to enhance your brand visibility. The pros also know that reaching the same people with the same message using multiple marketing channels will increase your visibility threefold!

Click below to get additional information on the top marketing lists for chiropractors.  Certainly, targeting these groups will positively impact your practice.

BTW –  Read this article: New Mover Programs for Hospitals. This applies to chiropractic practices as well.

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