Every Church Needs to Reach Out

October 16th, 2006 by

Every Church needs to reach out.

We created our Church Outreach Program specifically to help churches and non-profits maximize their membership efforts.

Finding new parishioners becomes increasingly more difficult in today’s highly competitive market. But Churches, like any other businesses, have no choice but to prospect. Without replacing those members lost by attrition, church membership, attendance and donations will drop severely.

The spiraling costs of advertising have made it cost prohibitive for newspaper ads and inserts. Churches – and all non-profits – must conserve valuable dollars and spend their efforts reaching out only to those prospects with the most likelihood of joining their congregation, attending school or camp or contributing to the organization.

Fine tune your marketing

In today’s tough economy, it’s more important than ever before to fine tune marketing outreach. Whether the Church or religious institution uses a targeted list for direct mail, telemarketing or social media for outreach, they have many options.

One of the most important variables is to match the message to the market segment. Fore example, a welcome program provided to New Movers in the area.  The key to reaching out to the Church’s key market segments in a cost-effective manner.

Dataman Group’s Church Outreach Program gives churches the tools to reach out new prospects in their market, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The advice is free. Every church should take advantage of this.