Direct Mail Response Rates Lead All Direct Media

July 25th, 2018 by


There is no question that direct mail response rates provide businesses with solid results. Regardless of how entrenched we are in today’s digital society, direct mail offers benefits that no other marketing channel can provide in quite the same way.

  • Trust and Attention
  • Purchase Influence
  • Measurability

People tend to trust what they read in print – way more than what they see on-line.  A recent trust in news study clearly shows that people consider printed news magazines their most trusted news source (72 percent rate them positively). Conversely, just 33 percent agreed that social media “provides news I can trust.” Even the print versions of national newspapers are more highly trusted than those same organizations’ websites. Direct mail offers advertisers a format that allows them to make the case, use relate-able photos, prove the point, garner trust.

The newest creative trends in envelopes are attention getters. They stand out from the crowd beg to be opened. According to study results from the Data & Marketing Association, oversized envelopes pull the highest direct mail response rates for both B2B and B2C advertisers, while producing the highest ROI among mail types.

Direct mail has such strong purchase influence that this coming Holiday season, even Etailer juggernaut Amazon is planning to distribute paper catalogs and is going after new customers with direct mail. Personally, I’m not surprised. When it comes to response rates, direct mail eclipses digital media channels for both house and prospect lists.  It’s a wonderfully measurable marketing channel that allows advertisers  to continually test, tweak and improve their direct mail programs.

Bottom line, the truth is that the marketing tactics of e-commerce companies need not be electronic. They just need to be effective. And direct mail fills that bill!


Information for this courtesy of, the Star Tribune, and the Trust in News Study 


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