Focus your direct mail copy on your audience

June 20th, 2018 by

One of the key components of a successful mail campaign is the creative.  It’s all about selecting your audience. Your messaging, list and design all need to work together to drive response.

I always tell my clients to put themselves in their audience’s shoes. Focus on the benefits to your audience, not the bells & whistles of your product or service. Always remember – Features describe; benefits sell.

That means you have to really know your audience – which is way different than thinking you know what they want.

Effective direct response messages are one-to-one communications so you need to think of your copy as a conversation between two individuals, rather than a shout-out to an anonymous crowd. How can you get to know that prospect? Read customer reviews, conduct email surveys, interview prospects and talk to customer service reps and sales people who have personal contact with the person who will be reading your copy.

In direct mail, your audience = your mailing list. Target wisely to find the best audience for your offer. Fine-tune until you get it right. Mail to the best prospects multiple times. Consider adding a companion email or Facebook program to complement your mail.

Let your creative morph and work for the different marketing channels. And, test-test-test, until you know you’re selecting the right audience for your offer!


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