Are You Using Halloween to Drive Lead Generation?

October 11th, 2018 by

One of the Dataman Group mottos is reaching the right people at the right time and in October, businesses need to consider using Halloween to drive lead generation because it’s the right time.

More than 157 million Americans planned to celebrate Halloween. According to USA Today, Americans could spend $15 billion on Halloween this year on costumes, candy, parties and home decorations.   Another big statistic has to do with the millennial cohort and eight out of ten millennials say they are planning something fun with their friends for the Holiday.

The fact is that people want to do business with companies they like and Halloween offers businesses a time to be creative and show their fun side. This is the right time for companies to get on board and include Halloween in their direct marketing strategy to attract interest in their business and drive lead generation into their sales funnel.


  • Mail pieces mailed during October can have a Halloween theme. Halloween lends itself to great visuals, which is key to getting a piece opened.
  • Social media – contests for customers, photos of employees. Halloween is made for social media exposure
  • Brick & Mortar stores – branded candy, staff in costume, parties for customer’s kids or grandkids.

The Home Improvement industry is a great example of a business vertical that can really shine in October and businesses can go a little freaky when they use Halloween to drive lead generation.

Here are a few suggestions of how the home industry can use Halloween to increase their business and stand out from the crowd:

  • Lighting companies can show how lighting impacts Halloween décor – and offer October service to change lens colors
  • Lawn companies can offer to add cobwebs to bushes
  • Closet companies can show post-Halloween storage ideas
  • Swimming pool companies can offer to provide dry ice for great effects pre-Halloween as well as post-Halloween clean-up.

Halloween is fun. By adding fun into your marketing campaigns, your business can succeed by using Halloween to drive lead generation into your businesses.

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