Why Water Quality Dealers Market to Dog Owners

April 8th, 2019 by

I always tell dealers that their marketing efforts need to help them stand out from the crowd and be unique – which is why water quality dealers market to dog owners to gain a serious edge over the competition.

Why? Because dog owners will spare no expense to provide the very best for their dogs and that’s what water treatment dealers provide.

Are you a dog lover? Can you feature your dog in your marketing? Can you brand your dealership as the go to for dog owners?

By sharing posts and information with your followers, you can establish your dealership as the expert. Feel free to share my article:  How Safe is Tap Water for Your Dog?

Tip – Water quality dealers market to dog owners by direct mail can use a QR code to lead readers to their websites. This way your prospects can learn about the advantages of filtered water for their dogs and see your well-thought-out, compelling offer that drives them to click on your Lead Generation form!

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