Everyone’s Pet Deserve Quality Water

Our Homeowners with Pets List lets Water Dealers reach this lucrative market. On average, Pet Owners spend $1,600.00 per year on their Dogs, $1,200 per yer on their Cats.

This list gives dealers in markets that have a high percentage of empty-nesters a creative invitation into the home. Affluent empty-nesters will spare no expense for the care & comfort of their pets. Make sure your copy includes tips on hydration – it’s vital for pets to have enough water to keep them healthy and happy.

In terms of offer – consider including a pet-themed premium. An over-sized postcard with a great photo of a dog, mailed to dog owners that offers a dog-themed premium will definitely get attention.

Select Homeowners with dogs, cats or birds…..or pet owners in general. All pet owners are great water treatment prospects…..dog owners especially.

A note on branding – if your dealership features an animal on your truck – you will definitely want to target market to this very niche group.

TIPS: When you do the home visit, offer the dog 2 options – tap water and filtered water. The dog will always choose the filtered water!

LAST COMMENT: Remember, if you wouldn’t drink the water coming out of the faucet, you probably shouldn’t give it to your dog. And if the city government tells you not to drink the water, your dog shouldn’t drink it either. Read DataDale’s article – How Safe is Tap Water for Your Dog?