April 21st, 2021 by

April is a great time to reach out to Eco-Friendly – or what we call – Green Consumers. There is a definite segment of the population that thinks and acts green. This is the group that will respond to direct mail offers that focus on environmentally conscious products and services.

There are wonderful overlays that help marketers pinpoint green consumers. When I use the term overlay, it meets we take a well-targeted list and add an additional layer on top of it. That extra layer being environmental consciousness.

We know that there are many people, with a large number growing every year, who are concerned about their carbon footprint. They want to make sure the world we leave to nest generation is healthy.

Does this resonate in marketing. You bet it does. C’mon, just look at the value of Tesla stock. Where I live, you can see a Tesla on every street corner. An electric vehicle is not only good for the environment but makes sense economically.

Marketers can certainly tap into this affluent, response-driven audience by marketing the right products to this awesome group.

What kinds of offers resonate with Green consumers?

  • Water treatment companies providing in-home water purification, so that eco-friendly consumers can use their own water, rather than continually purchasing plastic water bottles.
  • Home improvement companies selling solar equipment, window tinting, bio-pure septic services
  • Auto Dealerships – marketing electric or hybrid vehicles.
  • Solar Industry – need I say more?
  • Retailers – selling bicycles, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, cotton + hemp clothing
  • Travel Industry – promoting eco-friendly travel and Leed Certified hotel packages
  • Non-profits – reaching out to like-minded individuals for affiliation and fund raising.
  • Financial marketers looking to promote eco-friendly stocks/financial opportunities.
  • Builders & developers selling eco-friendly homes
  • Cleaning companies – promoting use of eco-friendly products.
  • Diaper Services looking to reach eco-sensitive new parents.

What’s the best way to reach out to them?

Direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing and digital display advertising are all excellent marketing channels that resonate with Green Consumers. Reminder – if you are using direct mail, make sure you are using recycled stock. And, make sure your piece reflects that.

Marketers who use Dataman Group’s GreenAware overlay to find lists of eco-friendly consumers to pinpoint these green households. GreenAware can be overlaid on our Consumer Files, Property & Realty Database, and New Parents mailing lists.

Using this kind of overlay really help marketers focus their advertising dollars on their key audience!