Green Homeowners – for Home Improvement Companies

Eco-Friendly / Green Homeowners

Our Green Homeowner List lets marketers target Homeowners who are eco-friendly. These Homeowners think green and buy green products. When given a choice, they will select the organic brand.

Green homeowners are concerned about the environment, global warming, and toxins in our air and water.

Some of the key home improvements, frequently purchased by environmentally conscious homeowners, include:

  • solar heating
  • replacement windows and doors that keep out heat/keep in cool
  • water treatment products that use less detergent/chemicals
  • recyclables
  • non-toxic paint for both exterior and interior
  • radiant floor heating
  • upgraded appliances

For instance, there are dozens of products the green homeowners will buy. This includes natural cleaning products and smart light bulbs. Some homeowners opt for new water meters. My daughter uses no-dye paper towels. Also, according to NAICS, the National Association of Insurance Companies, green renovations may help lower your costs on utility bills and even your taxes.

 As I always say, direct marketing success is about tailoring the list to the message to the offer. Remember, if you are using a list of Green homeowners, your message needs to reflect that as well. So, remember to use Green messaging to this very special market group! 

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A Focus on Millennials

Millennials typically believe that everyone needs to do their part for our environment. Marketers need to be tuned into this. As consumers, we hear a lot about being kinder to the environment. The message is that it is our responsibility as individuals to help reduce the rate of climate change. Small changes will make a big difference in our world.

Unlike the last decade, many consumers consider themselves to be eco-conscious. It’s about an attitude and behavior shift.

Most noteworthy, this behavior resonates with the Millennial segment. And, when it comes to marketing home improvements, this group is the one to watch. They will be making a lot of purchasing decisions as they invest in their first homes.

One of the over-arching messages is:  What we put in affects the world around us. Consequently, Pest Control companies have done very well marketing non-toxic pesticides using this messaging.