Non-profits Integrate Content Marketing and Fundraising to Create Engagement

April 15th, 2019 by

Non-profits need to integrate content marketing and fundraising. The single biggest step you can take to increase traffic, connect with followers and acquire and retain more donors is also the hardest – you need to be more interesting.

Not just any content will do though. It needs to line up with your constituents’ interests. Creating and disseminating content that focuses solely on branding your agency is no longer enough. The key is moving them from just knowing your name to taking action or donating to your cause.

Engaging, interesting content springs from your mission. Start with why your agency exists and tell stories that demonstrate your successes in fulfilling that mission. Make sure you also have compelling photos to help tell your story. It’s a visual world out there.

Non-profits constantly tell me: “we’re the best kept secret in town; if people just knew what we did, they’d give.” Okay. What’s wrong with this statement? It’s the “if.”

Unless you integrate content marketing and fundraising, you’re going to be facing some hard truths

People can’t know what you do unless you tell them. Don’t expect them to magically figure it out just because you’re doing such great work and you’re such a good cause. There are thousands of good causes out there. It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the donations.

No one will care about your agency unless your message centers on their needs. Who are your most probable constituencies and how can you best target them within your budget? Can you frame your messaging to resonate with what’s important to them? What are your potential donors in the market for?  Your content marketing must deliver a reason to feel good about giving to your agency.

People won’t even see your message unless you meet them where they are. If your supporters are all on Facebook, and you’re not there, you’re going to miss them. If they mostly get their information from snail mail, and you do only one mailing a year, you’re going to miss them. When their preferred method of communication is email, and you don’t have their up-to-date email address, you’re going to miss them. When you’re planning a live program (gala, race, event) and you don’t have the right people in the room to help move your message forward, you’ve missed the opportunity.

Bottom line, non-profits need to review their current content marketing program and tweak. Your content always needs to feel fresh.