New Movers with Kids for Pediatric Dentists

August 12th, 2013 by

The key to any successful business is a steady flow of new clients and new movers with kids lists help Pediatric Dentists grow their practice.

While word of mouth may be a dentist’s best source of new business, direct mail has proven to have the highest ROI of any marketing tool for Dental practices. Especially when it comes to finely-tuned targeting. The best example I can give you is New Movers with Kids lists.

There is no need to waste money reaching Families without Children or people living outside of a comfortable driving range. Our unique New Movers with Kids lists are extremely accurate. They allow dentists to really qualify a household before mailing to them.

Top Response Mailing Lists for Pediatric Dentists Include:

  • New Movers with Children
  • Families with Young Children – select by age
  • Parents of New Babies
  • Children Turning 1 – perfect for Baby’s First Dental Checkup
  • Parents of children 5-14 years old to market Sealants (read this NY Times article 9-28-16)

Pediatric dentists are dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years. Dentists who are looking to expand their Pediatric Dental practices need to reach out to the right families in their area. The rule of thumb is multiple contacts, using every marketing channel they can. As a result, they can make their practice known to the families with children in their area.

The AAPD, Pediatric Dentistry Journal  can provide Pediatric Dentists with scientific articles, case reports and abstracts of current pediatric dental research. These are great to share!

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