Mortgage Mailers – Are You Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

September 26th, 2013 by

There are lots of tips for mortgage mailers to make their response better.

This post is from 2013, but much of it still applies!


According to Corelogic, 2.5 million households regained equity in their homes in the second quarter.  The housing market is recovering. Builders are building, sellers are selling and mortgage lenders are less nervous about extending credit to buyers.

So why are mortgage mailers complaining?

In the past month, I have gotten calls from lots of depressed mortgage mailers. Mailers they’ve used successfully in the past aren’t working anymore. Their response rates are down. Same old – same old isn’t working anymore.

Here are a few tips for mortgage mailers

First of all, the number of mortgage applications for purchases has increased by 7% over last year.

First time home buyers account for 49% of home sales.

It stands to reason that Mortgage Mailers who are marketing mortgage products now need to focus their outreach on the top performing mortgage segment . That is First Time Home Buyers.

There are almost 10 million potential first time home buyers in the US. Mortgage mailers can simply customize the First Time Home Buyer list to target their best prospects.


The copy and offer need to match the list.

No application fees, discounted inspections and creative housewarming gifts are the kind of offers that will resonate with First Time Home Buyers.

Tips for Mortgage Mailers – The Bottom Line

  • Invest in your mailing list. If you’re mailing to the wrong people, you will waste your $$.
  • Write great copy – Be creative. Don’t do the same thing as your competition
  • Remember to include an offer that will resonate
  • Test-tweak-test again

To see all the different lists you can consider, visit our page on mortgage marketing lists.