MB Financial succeeds with an omni-channel campaign anchored by Direct Mail

January 23rd, 2019 by

This Case Study will examine “MB is Me” – A successful omni-channel campaign by MB Financial Bank targeting small business owners. While the campaign utilized a variety of marketing channels, including print, radio, billboard and on-line videos, it was solidly anchored by direct mail.

MB Financial direct mailed to a list of 30,000 small business owners in the Chicago market, which they targeted out of a possible 430,000 total businesses in the same area.

The company committed itself to growing this segment of their business, offering a concierge service experience to the small business market. The list was divided up between 86 branch managers and a personal campaign that focused on the benefits MB could provide for small businesses: personal attention, banking services, expert advice and business connections.

This was a 6 month program, with alternating personalized letters and over-sized postcards. The agency, Darwill, designed all the materials as coming specifically from the local bank manager and specifically to each recipient.

By using digital printing, bar coding, savvy segmentation and individual response tracking, branch managers were able to see who responded to their mailers, build relationships and bring in new customers.

Before the campaign was even completed, it became clear that the number of leads this omni-channel campaign generated exceeded expectations and generated increased deposit dollars.

For samples of the letters, click HERE.

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