Mailer Name: Palomar Health
Date Mailed: January 2016

Hospital Marketing

Palomar Health is a health system serving communities in San Diego County, California. Its bimonthly newsletter, “Prevention Plus,” often highlights one aspect of better health.

They mail several newsletters each year to members of the community, branded HealthSource. This particular piece was created for the New Year. The headline on the outer folded panel of this edition reads: “NEW YEAR NEW YOU.”

Inside, the first full page, when unfolded, asks: “Looking for a little less to love this year?

A couple blocks of copy answer that question. First, they acknowledge that New Year’s resolutions to lose weight may not last long. “Most people throw in the gym towel within a short 2-6 weeks,” it claims.

But, next, it reassures, “Palomar Health is here to do the heavy lifting and help you lose the pounds.” It mentions the success of its bariatric surgery facility as well as its weight loss programs. The rest of the newsletter was six pages. For this newsletter, they listed many of Palomar’s wellness classes for the months of January and February. Sessions are grouped under categories like “Integrative Medicine,” “Childbirth Preparation,” and “”Weight Loss.” Each listing consists of a description, time, location, and a name and picture of the class leader.

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Different newsletters highlight different programs, however the format stays consistent and recipients begin to get used to the different support groups and departments that Palomar Health District offers.

Depending on the time of year, the newsletters may highlight different things; Jan/Feb featured starting healthy for the New Year; April/May focused on Speech & Hearing month; July/August focused on TIAs.


Palomar can benefit from mailing to a list that includes several segments: New Movers, one of the key lists in healthcare marketing; Ailment Sufferers, including weight loss prospects, visually impaired and diabetics; and Parents of New Babies, since their newsletter features classes and advice for these populations.

Continuity and repetition is important.  Of course, everything depends on budget & circulation size.


Hospitals need to take advantage of seasonal changes to motivate prospective customers to shift their behavior and offer consistent messaging to improve branding.  They need to develop a core mail audience in their market and continually add new prospects into that group, including new movers and parents of new babies to keep the list “fresh”.

Thank you to Paul Bobnak, from Target Marketing for bringing Palomar Health’s direct mailer to my attention!


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