Empty Nesters are a great market. We define this group as age 55-64; their children have grown up and left for college or new jobs.

They are an excellent target for cars, vacations, theater, concerts & sporting events, electronics, restaurants, health & country clubs, philanthropic causes and financial services. Many empty nesters have focused on financial planning and have made plans for charitable giving or pre-need arrangements. Other empty nesters are starting the down-sizing process and are great candidates for real estate and timeshare offers. These Americans also strive to look good and are solid candidates for plastic surgery and cosmetic dental offers.

Research also shows that empty nesters tend to decide immediately if they will respond to a piece of mail they have opened. They are also more likely than people at other life stages to leave mail around the house to read again and to keep it, especially if it is timely and relevant. Cruise brochures are a great example of mail that is kept to re-read, contemplate and share with friends.

According to the research, marketers should insure mail is personally addressed, respectful and is not condescending. Messaging must inspire, empower and reassure. Stress good value, following own’s dreams and planning for the future.


In terms of their outlook on Financial Services – below are some key DataFacts advertisers need to keep in mind when marketing to Empty Nesters:

  • 74% agree you should take responsibility for your own financial security after retirement
  • Empty nesters spend 18 minutes a day reading mail
  • 26% have responded to an item of mail in the last 12 months
  • 39% say they are comfortable living on their present income
  • 64% agree they would feel less in control without printed copies of important documents
  • 21% use digital technology to respond to direct mail

This is according to research done by Royal Mail in July, 2016.