There are many lists in the marketplace targeting Individuals with a Healthy Lifestyle. This new list allows marketers to drill down to individuals based on their personal health & well-being.

These are individuals who lead a “wellness-oriented” lifestyle. They are concerned with nutrition, fitness, wellness, stress and their environment. They accept responsibility for their health. Because of this, they are excellent customers for health-related products and services.

In addition to specific health & wellness functions, we offer a modeled overlay that hits all households. This Healthy Lifestyle overlay scores all U.S. households.

The Health and Well Being individual level segments are based on statistical analysis of consumers that have reported on their health and well-being. This way marketers can locate individuals with a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, they can also target those individuals who are not.

Values and descriptions:

1= Invincibles:  generally not concerned about their health

2=Trusting Patients:  rely on doctors and follow healthy practices

3=Weight Reformers: struggle with healthy choices

4=Healthy Holistics:  committed to exercise and healthy choices

5=Image Shapers: believe looking good means being healthy

6= Unknowns

Age, gender and income overlays will help refine the data.

 Who Benefits from using Lists of Individuals with a Healthy Lifestyle?


Consumers get to know your brand because they’ve seen it or they’ve heard about it. Studies continue to show that your message needs to be seen multiple times and via multiple marketing channels.  This type of multi-channel approach makes your message more important.

You can easily direct mail to Individuals with a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, you can take advantage of the free options with USPS Informed Delivery to get your message into your prospect’s email boxes.

The list can also be appended with email addresses. This lets you upload the file into social media for marketing. You can also upload the list into google for your remarketing efforts. Consequently, your message becomes more important.

When you are reach the same people in different ways, you increase your visibility. You up your Brand IQ.

Bottom line, if a healthy lifestyle factors into your brand, this list overlay is invaluable for you.