Marketing is Never One Size Fits All

March 29th, 2022 by

Marketing is never one size fits all. Water Quality businesses need to seize the opportunity to grow as more families focus on quality water.

Here’s the Story

There’s an old story about two footwear salespeople who were sent to a tropical island:

After spending a day walking around the island looking for opportunities, the first salesperson emailed the home office: “Sending my samples back ASAP. No one here wears shoes.”

The second salesperson also spent the day looking for customers. Returning to the hotel that night, salesperson number two also sent an email: “Send me more samples ASAP. No one here wears shoes!!”

As we move into the post-pandemic world, the water quality industry is poised to continue growing.

Moving Forward

Because of Covid’s effects on our lives – sheltering-in-place, physical distancing, reduced travel, different spending priorities and more – buyer habits have changed. Many homeowners have made improvements in their homes, which includes higher quality water and air products. But other families haven’t taken the step.

What we learned over the past few years is that 24/7 access to quality water is a big priority.

Many dealerships are looking for ways to adjust their businesses to satisfy newly available buyers with great new systems.  Besides the tried and true, there are new options in lead generation. Look for upgraded technology, including easy-to-create postcard marketing, zoom appointments, new automation technology, and mobile apps.

Opportunity for Growth

The bottom line of this post is that if your water quality business made it through the tough times, it can go through the roof now.  There is so much national attention on water quality and the age of institutional water systems. It becomes every homeowner’s, every parent’s personal responsibility to insure quality water for their families from a personal POE or POU perspective.

I am personally looking forward to the upcoming WQA Conference this April. We’ll be in Booth 857. It will be great to see the newest products and services in water treatment

Stay safe and healthy and at the same time concentrate on keeping your business moving forward in a positive direction. After all, as the second footwear salesperson learned at the beginning of this post, if the shoe fits, wear it.


Reprinted from Water Quality Products Magazine, Data Dale’s Marketing Column – March 15, 2022