Marketing Filtered Water to Dog Owners

April 8th, 2019 by

Why do I suggest you need to be marketing filtered water to Dog Owners? Because dog owners are a unique niche. They will spare no expense to provide the very best for their dogs.  And that’s what water treatment dealers provide.

I always tell dealers that their marketing efforts need to help them stand out from the crowd and be unique. Of course you should market to new homeowners and families with children. That goes without saying. But lots of dealerships are marketing to them. What can you do that’s unique?

Create that edge over the competition

Are you a dog lover? Can you feature your dog in your marketing? Can you brand your dealership as the “go-to” for dog owners?

By sharing posts and information with your followers, you can establish your dealership as the expert. Feel free to share my article:  How Safe is Tap Water for Your Dog?

I also have another great article about Hydration. Your customers will appreciate that you care about their pets.

Why use direct mail?

First of all, it’s easy to get a quality mailing list of affluent homeowners with dogs. That’s the first step when marketing filtered water to dog owners.

In terms of creative, a postcard with a great dog photo will attract attention. Remember, you are mailing this to dog owners. Of course they will look at a compelling photo of a dog!  Make sure your offer is dog-related. Think healthy dog treats. Consider using a QR code to lead readers to your website. This way, your well-thought-out, compelling offer will drive them to click on your Lead Generation form.

Become a resource

As I mentioned earlier, establish your Dealership as the expert. Share information. Become known at the local veterinarian offices as a go-to. Give your prospects an easy way to learn about the advantages of filtered water for their dogs.

Last – Here is a quote from Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, a staff veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. She explains that not all tap water is safe. She says “if you wouldn’t drink this water, you shouldn’t give this to your dogs”.