Is Your Roofing Company Ready?

December 3rd, 2020 by

Is your Roofing Company ready if Santa’s sled goes through the roof?

Every Roofing company looks forward to getting that emergency call on Christmas Eve. Santa’s sled was so heavy with holiday gifts that it went right through the roof!

One of our lucky roofing clients got the call last year and they found absolute chaos when they got to the customer’s home.

First, they saw two elves herding the reindeer in the front yard where they landed. Luckily, the reindeer were all fine except for Rudolph. He hurt his nose from hitting the mailbox on the way down.

There was a third elf who explained that Santa hit the emergency eject button for the reindeer when he lost control of his sled. That is what caused the crash to begin with. Another elf was shouting that Santa was still in the sleigh that went through the roof. And, that he was waiting for the paramedics to extricate him.

A fifth elf was dealing with all the reporters, since Santa’s crash was top news.

And the last elf said that he went on-line to find someone to help and simply clicked on the name of the roofing company on the top of the list. Now – that might be why your Roofing Company didn’t get the call and you missed all the excitement.

The Repair Itself is a No Brainer – Getting the Call Takes Planning

Any good Roofing Company can deal with this disaster and repair this Homeowner’s roof before the next big snowstorm. For a Roofing Company, that’s a no brainer….but being the Roofing Company who gets the call – well that’s another story. So, I ask you – is your roofing company ready?

It’s all about marketing, positioning, branding….and being ready to be found when the time is right. The Roofing Company that takes the initiative will be the one that gets the call.

Marketing for roofing companies should not be left to chance!