In Memoriam – Morgan Filhaber

September 1st, 2008 by

We mourn the passing of Morgan Filhaber,
Cherished Dog of Dale, Ed, Barrie & Scott Filhaber, Devoted sister to Kayla & Kobe & Dedicated Manager of Dataman Group Shipping Department

Morgan Filhaber, Weimaraner extraordinaire, passed away Thursday morning. She was a wonderful dog, part of our family and Dataman Group canine office staff for almost 12 years.

Morgan had a penchant for electronics, plastic and batteries. She never missing an opportunity to digest things that weren’t dog-friendly. This caused many trips to our long-suffering veterinarian. She was tireless in her ability to “get into everything”. In fact, she could foil any child-proof cabinet. With her unique manual dexterity, she could open a forbidden bag of hershy kisses, eat the chocolate and leave the tinfoil and paper strips lined up for us when we came back. She did the same thing once with a box of gum from Costco. Morgan managed to eat 80 pieces of gum, leaving the wrappings behind.

We had to replace the lever door handles in both our home and office, since Morgan was smart enough to standup and open the door letting her fellow canine staff out into the street at will. If the UPS man was at the door, Morgan wanted to go into the truck and help supervise; after all, she did manage the department.

A beautiful dog

Morgan Filhaber was truly beautiful with a dimpled smile that made people stop and take pictures. She enjoyed dressing up and could be found wearing her Dataman Group t-shirt in the office. A supposed bird dog, Morgan hated the water and would retreat to her crate to hide anytime we were in the pool.

Amongst her many attributes was her unique ability to sing. Morgan could truly make herself understood. We often thought about bringing her to David Letterman for stupid pet tricks, but realized that her singing was not merely a pet trick, but one of the many ways she communicated to us.

She was definitely the top dog in our lives, training all our other dogs to do their jobs – both at home and at work in the Dataman Group office. Her sister Kayla and brother Kobe will miss her guidance and leadership very much.

Morgan will sorely be missed. Our hearts are heavy and we feel empty inside.
Her memory will be with us forever.

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