Hospitals Score with New Mover Programs

January 3rd, 2022 by

Many hospitals around the country uses New Mover programs to reach out to new people in their marketplace.

A great example of effective, cost-efficient direct marketing is a series of mail campaigns by Mercy Health Partners in Ohio.

Mercy’s New Movers program is aimed at new residents. It is designed to increase awareness about services offered at Mercy’s six Cincinnati-area hospitals. Mercy offered a free first-aid kit to newcomers who filled out response forms to learn more about the chain’s services.

Two years after being initiated, the New Movers campaign is a success. Mercy mails out approximately 2,000 pieces of mail a month. More than 50,000 mailers have been shipped, according to Pete Gemmer, regional director of external communications for Mercy.

Tracking success:  Over $1MM generated

“In the first six months of the program we were able to track more than $1 million in gross revenue for a program that cost approximately $70,000,” Gemmer says. “We also have connected hundreds of new movers to primary care physicians in their community.”

Mercy also uses direct mail to promote its Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) screenings. This disease which targets high-risk men and women age 50 and older. Through the campaign, Mercy has been able to successfully fill the 100 available slots for each event.

“With direct mail we are able to target our audience and focus on consumers who may be at risk for PAD.” Gemmer explains. “More important, we are finding that there are patients whose lives may have been saved by the screening.”

Hospitals, physicians and medical centers can also market to other households. There are lists of individuals who have self-reported that they have specific ailments and medical conditions. This offers health care providers the opportunity to target specific households for particular programs. For example, hospitals with prostate screening programs can market to men who with prostate problems. A Pulmonary practice can reach out to individuals with asthma, COPD or chronic bronchitis.

Dataman Group has been providing direct mail lists to Hospitals, Physicians and medical practices for over 35 years. For medical providers looking to increase revenue, Dataman Group’s New Mover programs are their #1 source of new patients.

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