Effective Direct Mail is Memorable and that Equates to Plus ROI

September 11th, 2018 by

direct mail is memorable

Effective direct mail is memorable.

While the internet may be where people spend most of their time, it’s also where they’re served up a tremendous number of ads. It’s no wonder that an ocean of “notice me” ads becomes quite a blur and frankly, lose their impact.

On the other hand, consider the first thing most people do when they get home from work: check the mail. A well constructed piece of direct mail is memorable and consumers who receive something that stands out in the mail will have their interest piqued and act accordingly.  

A Canada Post and True Impact Marketing study found that consumers who receive direct mail ads were able to recall what they saw 75% of the time, whereas those who viewed the same ads in digital formats were only able to recall them 44% of the time.

This always makes me think of the USPS Mail Moment. When you see me in person, just ask and I’ll be happy to act it out for you.

BTW – here’s another statistic with the same percentage – 44% of consumers who receive a memorable direct mail piece will actually visit that company’s website!

So much of marketing is based on branding, recall, familiarity with a company. Bottom line, if a consumer is already familiar with your brand, they will be more apt to listen to your message and act on your offer.

In terms of mailing listsmailers should take their own first party data and expand their reaching by selecting a prospect list that resembles it. That way they will have the best response.