Are Spam Keywords ruining your Marketing?

November 9th, 2018 by

What do Cash bonus, Free Info, Income from home, and Stop snoring Have in Common?

They are all on The Most Notorious Spam Filters Trigger List

What do Fast Viagra Delivery, Lower Interest Rates, Nigerian and Risk Free Have in Common?

They are all on The Not As Notorious Spam Filters Trigger List.

Your ISP checks every single email message that runs through their system to make sure they are not aiding & abetting black-listers in the industry. Certainly, your email content itself can land you in trouble even if your sender reputation is pristine. But you might as well check out the list of known spam trigger words.  It’s not a secret that some of these words will trigger email spam filters.

There are many words you absolutely should NOT use when crafting your subject line or email message.

A couple of examples of spam keywords:

  • big bucks
  • claim your credit
  • have you been turned down?
  • this isn’t a scam
  • urgent
  • see for yourself
  • offshore
  • no medical exams

If you feel that some of these words are valuable to you, go into the thesaurus and find another word that maybe just as good. Part of your job when you put a campaign together is making sure it will pass inspection.

Otherwise – you will be spending hard-earned marketing dollars and your email campaign will go nowhere.

These are also called spam trigger words, and here we compiled an updated list of them for 2019 just for you. Explore the spam keywords list below.

PSST – Want to see the entire list of Spam Keywords? 

Spam Keywords
Looking for keywords that trigger Spam Filters