July 13th, 2016 by

Telefundraising has been in and out of favor. It just goes to show that non-profits continually need to review their acquisition strategy. For many non-profits, it’s time to re-consider incorporating telefundraising in their annual campaigns.

I recently read an article by Anna Walsh in Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine that discussed the options in fund raising for lead generation. She says the key advantage of a telemarketing lead conversion campaign is that it gives charities a solid channel through which to acquire more donors as well as an opportunity to test their acquisition messaging.

I agree.

One of the most important strategies in any kind of direct marketing is matching the message to the market segment. This is certainly no different in the non-profit world. In addition to developing leads, telemarketing offers an agency the ability to test segmented messaging and get valuable and immediate feedback.

Many non-profits are consumed with their on-line media efforts and are ignoring the traditional direct marketing channels. There is a real bias in favor of digital channels because it feels easier. You don’t have to talk to anyone.  But agencies that don’t talk to anyone are missing out on the opportunity to find out how they are perceived and whether their marketing messaging is resonating with prospects.

Reminder – non-profits are empowered to call the highly coveted Do Not Call telephone numbers. These are the “good numbers” regular businesses are not legally allowed to call. An experienced telephone marketer can do wonders with a quality list, not only developing leads and testing messaging but actually soliciting lower dollar value donations for their agency.