Mortgage Marketers Select the Right Refinance Leads

March 31st, 2016 by

Mortgage marketers needs to find the right refinance leads for their business. It is often market and interest rate driven.

According to a recent article in USA Today, there are 3 signs that a homeowner needs to refinance their mortgage.

  1. Their interest rate is too high or isn’t fixed
  2. They either need cash or have a lot of credit card debt
  3. They’ve had an FHA / VA loan for several years, and now have sufficient equity to move to a conventional loan

Dataman Group can help Mortgage Professionals reach Homeowners who are prime prospects for a refinance – targeting Homeowners who either took out their mortgages when interest rates were up or have Adjustable Rate Mortgages that may benefit from a fixed rate.

Other options include selecting homeowners based on an estimate of their Revolving Debt, homeowners who might need cash for home improvements or FHA Loan Holders with sufficient equity to refinance into a Conventional Loan. These are all great refinance leads.

BTW – it’s not just about the lead itself – are you taking the right approach in your marketing and leading with a purpose rather than a product?

And what about the channel? Telemarketing still works, as long as you have a solid script.

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