Marketing Water Filtration to Businesses

January 26th, 2018 by

It’s a pet peeve of mine to go to dinner at a fancy upscale restaurant and the waiter asks me if I want tap or bottled water.

Tap water? Give me a break. What a turnoff. I’m already spending a huge amount of $$ on dinner – sure I want to be charged $10 each for a couple of bottles of filtered water.

On Curb Your Enthusiasm, Susie said “who serves tap water at a dinner party?” Well I say who serves tap water at a good restaurant?

I’m not alone. I have seen people actually walk out of a restaurant out of principle. OK, I live in Boca Raton.

For Water Quality Dealers, restaurants should be low-hanging fruit. And dealers should be marketing water filtration to businesses.

Business marketing lists are fairly inexpensive. You can reach them through telemarketing during the day and actually set up appointments for a daytime visit. Email addresses can be appended to the list, giving dealers another marketing channel to use. Plus, when the rep is at a restaurant for an appointment, it’s a piece of cake to visit neighboring restaurants at the same time.

As an offer – You can provide them with personalized glass bottles for their servers to pour then leave on the table. Customers really appreciate this. For the restaurant, this is great customer service and a personalized bottle is a wonderful branding tool.

Restaurants are not the only big users of quality water.

Doctor offices and clinics must have filtered water to offer to their patients. Yes, these types of businesses are currently water cooler customers but the people who work at these offices know the value of quality water and are great prospects. In the old days, when telephone numbers were available on nurse lists, this was a very responsive market segment in the Water Quality industry.

The beauty industry, including hair, nail, massage and eyebrow salons, are also excellent prospects. Through the water grapevine, I’ve heard that some of these businesses are not as credit-worthy as we’d like them to be. Through Dun & Bradstreet, business lists can be overlaid with modeled credit to eliminate the high risk businesses and leave you with lots of great businesses to prospect.

Bottom line, dealers who are not marketing water filtration to businesses are leaving money on the table.