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Dataman Group’s Hispanic Telemarketing Lists help telephone marketers reach out to Hispanic households.

More than 51.2 percent of companies that market to Hispanics use telemarketing. More than 90% use non-catalog direct mail.

Multicultural marketing has become more popular in recent years as society has become more diverse. It also has become increasingly profitable, when done properly.

Communities are diverse and “one size fits all” no longer works. All marketing has moved toward greater diversity to the point of customization. And within ethnic communities, this kind of segmentation and specialization continues.

Among Hispanics, for example, not every “Latino” speaks Spanish. Similarly, there are hundreds of stories about mistranslations and the use of the wrong dialect. There are different nuances in Mexican Spanish versus the Spanish language spoken in Puerto Rico. This means that the need to focus on specific ethnic communities, and subgroups within a particular ethnicity, is greater than ever.

Dataman Group offers an Assimilation Index for Hispanic surname households. This way marketers can select a Hispanic Telemarketing list to reach the right households, using the right language. For example, you may select a list of Spanish speaking households, if you have a TSR that speaks fluent Spanish.

Mobile Usage Among Hispanics

Currently, mobile usage among Hispanics is on par with that of the general population. 97 percent of Hispanic adults use a mobile phone. According to the pew Report,  77 percent use smart phones. Hispanics are more likely than other mobile users to text message.

Almost seven in 10 Hispanics have a smartphone, and it powers an outsize proportion of their digital activity. About one-third have a smartphone but no home broadband. Their daily time spent using mobile (3 hours) is more than an hour higher than the figure for non-Hispanics. These statistics are from emarketer.

This means that telephone marketers who want to reach this market need to consider a Hispanic telemarketing list of cell phones.

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  1. This is some interesting information, I never knew that you could find telemarketing lists from data groups. This could come in handy for my business and I'll pass the information onto my team leader.