Geo-fencing for Dental Practice Marketing

August 27th, 2020 by

Geo-fencing is an exciting way to target new patients for your dental practice marketing.

This is location-based digital marketing. Geo-fencing allows you to send messages to smartphone users in a defined geographic area.

This is not just limited to mobile devices. Geo-fencing can be used for tablets, desktops and laptops as well as mobile phones.

With geo-fencing, you can virtually draw a line around any particular area you’d like to highlight. When someone crosses that virtual boundary, the GPS location in their phone signals they are in the area. That’s when ads begin popping up on their device. Just remember, people can only see these ads if they happen to be in an active browser session or within an app. It won’t work if someone is just texting or if their TV is tuned in to network channels.

***Watch out 2 minute geo-fencing explainer video!

How do you use Geo-fencing for Dental Practice Marketing?

In this post, I will focus on three different techniques.

Targeting Competitors:

This is the direct hit on your competition. You can draw that line around your competitors’ locations. Anytime someone you want to attract crosses that boundary, we can serve them your ads. I read a quote from Tim at TNT Dental. He calls this “a passive showdown between competing practices”. And, that’s what it is.

Targeting Prospects by Activity/Complementary Businesses:

If someone participates in a particular activity, you can offer a “fit” that complements it.

For instance, if you are an orthodontist and you find a patient that is going to a pediatrician, this would be the perfect time to run an ad on their device regarding your orthodontics practice.

Do you provide cosmetic dentistry? Another good example is if a patient is going to a plastic surgeon. They may be great prospects for your cosmetic dentistry practice. You might want to show them an ad with the services you provide. With geo-fencing, you can reach them when they are in the vicinity of the plastic surgeon’s office.

Targeting Specific People/Patients:

We can take a specific list and do something called addressable geo-fencing. We actually plot the addresses on that list so you can target your ads to them.

For example, many practices do New Mover mailings. You could use that same new mover list and also show your digital ads to the people moving into your area. You can schedule this to happen at the same time you are sending out your direct mailer.

Going Multi-Channel Ups Response

We know that response increases with frequency. It also increases when people see your ad in multiple ways. That’s why marketing experts always tell you to use different marketing channels. Never put all your eggs into one basket!

Every dentist needs lots of tools in their marketing toolbox. Geo-fencing is the newest tool you can use to market your dental practice.

Learn more by watching our 2 minute geo-fencing explainer video.