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This post on direct mail marketing strategy and lead generation includes information from a Case Study of TruGreen’s most recent marketing campaign.

In lead generation, we all know that it can take multiple attempts before a prospective customer converts.

Success is about targeting, timing and continuity of message which is why direct mail functions so effectively as part of a greater omni-channel strategy.

TruGreen is a lawn care company spanning across the United States and Canada. Last year, TruGreen changed its branding approach saying that ” our number one goal … is to get people to live life outside, so that they can enjoy a green, beautiful, lush lawn for all of their backyard barbecues and kids’ birthday parties and things like that,” Jennifer Brereton, Senior Brand Marketing Manager.

This is very visual. As part of their direct mail marketing strategy, TruGreen decided to integrate both direct mail and email into the campaign. In an omni-channel fashion, they are using similar looks and identical offers across channels.

100,000 Million

Traditionally, TruGreen had been sending out more than 100 million pieces of direct mail annually during the spring and summer months.

By integrating email, segmenting customers and streamlining the overall process, the marketing team managed to send 52% more mail in the past three years by working through this with their agency and working on the efficiencies.

The company also reviews timing very closely. They send out direct mail pieces in alignment with weather patterns in its target regions. Prospects in Florida received ads as early as January. Those homeowners farther north didn’t get them until later in the year.

The company is also researching the integration process and number of touches. For example, a customer might get an email, then a direct mail piece, an email, then a direct mail piece. This gives people multiple ways to respond. They can call an 800 number. Or, they can click on a link on an email and fill out a lead form. They can also call or buy online.

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