Direct Mail Drives Engagement

June 20th, 2019 by

You & I know that direct mail drives engagement. But how do we show the naysayers?

The truth is that in today’s omni-channel marketing world, it’s often difficult to tell which marketing channel is the winner.

A study was recently done by Murphy Research on behalf of Pebble Post.  The study results clearly show that direct mail drives engagement.  It’s just a fact that direct mail propels purchase groundwork and plays a central role in the purchase journey.

Researchers also found that direct mail users are highly engaged shoppers. They spend, research, and advocate more than non-direct mail users. And what about samples? How does that fit it?

Direct Mail Engagement by the numbers:

When compared to non-direct-mail users, direct mail users were more likely to take action. They talk about the product, visit the brand’s website, and like/follow the brand on social media.

After receiving the direct mail, they were more likely to contact the brand. They also were more apt to post about their purchase on social media and write an online review.

  Talked about the Product Visited the Brand’s Website Liked/Followed Brand on Social Media
Direct Mail Users 44% 31% 22%
Non-Direct Mail Users 38% 19% 6%
  Contacted the Brand Posted on Social Media Wrote an Online Review
Direct Mail Users 20% 19% 18%
Non-Direct Mail Users 5% 7% 5%

Source: Pebble Post/Murphy Research

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