Cell Phone Lists Can Give Your Marketing a Lift

May 21st, 2018 by

Cell Phone Facts: Almost Two-Thirds of America Only Reachable via Cell Phone lists

Many Lead generation managers ask me questions about marketing to people on their cell phones. They want to know if they can buy cell phone lists.

Nowadays, most Americans are only reachable on their cell phone. This has dramatically changed the lead generation landscape. Yes, there are cell phone lists available in the marketplace.  As with telemarketing lists of landlines, companies need to insure that they are calling only those individuals who are not listed on the Do Not Call. It’s important to follow all the FTC regulations.

Here are some cell phone facts that show how prevalent cell phone usage is. These statistics also highlight which market segments are most likely to rely exclusively on cell phones for communication. Many marketers utilize cell phone lists to reach both their customers and prospects.

If you go to Nordstrom, before any transaction, the sales associate will ask for your cell phone number. That is the way they identify their customers.

Statistics about Cell Phone lists

  • More than half of American homes (52.5%) had cell phones and no landline phones in the 1st half of 2017. This was a 3.2% increase from the prior year. More than double since 2008.
  • About 50.8% of all adults (128 million) lived in wireless only homes.  62.3% of all children (46 million) lived in wireless homes.
  • A sixth of American homes (15.1%, 40 million adults) still had a landline. However, they received all or almost all calls on their cell phones.
  • More than 70% of all adults aged 25-34 and of adults renting their homes were living in wireless-only households.
  • Adults living in poverty (66.3%) and near poverty (59.0%) were more likely than higher income adults (48.5%) to be living in households with only wireless telephones.
  • Hispanic adults (64.8%) were more likely than non-Hispanic white (46.6%), non-Hispanic black (52.1%), or non-Hispanic Asian (47.4%) adults to be living in households with only wireless telephones.

All of these statistics are from this report:https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nhis/earlyrelease/wireless201705.pdf

Many companies in the home industry do telemarketing. Click HERE to read how Cell phone data can be appended to your file.