“Blah” Content is Out – Upgrading Content to Conform to Google’s New Enhanced Quality Ranking Algorithm

May 30th, 2024 by

“Blah” Content is Out: You Need to Upgrade Your  Content to Conform to Google’s New Enhanced Quality Ranking Algorithm


The latest Google update, which was just rolled out in May 2024. made several significant changes aimed at improving the quality and relevance of search results.

In this blog, we’re going to focus on Enhanced Quality Ranking – which has a lot to do with your SEO and where your company will show up in page rankings.

Google’s Enhanced Quality algorithm has been updated to prioritize high-quality, original content over AI-generated material or “blah” content. This enhancement is supposed to help users find more useful and relevant information when they do their searches.

Content Creators Need to Focus on Original Content

This new update reflects Google’s commitment to improving search quality. For content creators, this means focusing on producing high-quality, original content that genuinely serves user needs. Material with “Blah” content  will find its’ way to the bottom of the search heap.

Let’s look at a real life example of the difference between “blah” content and what Google would look at as high-quality content. For this example, we are going to look at the topic: Benefits of Drinking Water. For complete transparency, I am using my ChatGPT to generate the copy for these examples.

Topic: The Benefits of Drinking Water

Here’s an example of “Blah” Content (Low-Quality)

Title: Why You Should Drink Water


Drinking water is good for you. It helps you stay hydrated. You should drink eight glasses of water every day. Water is important for your health. Stay hydrated by drinking water every day. Water is good.

Issues with this content:

  • Lack of Depth: The information is very basic and does not provide any detailed explanation or insights.
  • Repetition: The same point is repeated multiple times without adding value.
  • No Authority: There are no references to credible sources or scientific studies.
  • Poor User Experience: The writing is unengaging and does not encourage further reading or exploration.
  • (Yes, it’s blah content – totally out – who wants to read it anyway?)


Here’s an example of Enhanced Quality Content (High-Quality)

Title: The Comprehensive Benefits of Drinking Water: Why Hydration is Essential for Your Health


Water is crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being. It plays several vital roles in the body, including:

  • Regulating Body Temperature: Water helps in thermoregulation by allowing the body to release heat through sweat.
  • Joint Lubrication: Adequate hydration ensures that joints remain well-lubricated, reducing the risk of joint pain and disorders.
  • Nutrient Transportation: Water facilitates the transport of essential nutrients to cells and removes waste products from the body.
  • Cognitive Function: Studies have shown that proper hydration can enhance cognitive performance and mood.
  • Skin Health: Drinking sufficient water contributes to healthier, more radiant skin by maintaining skin moisture and elasticity.

Experts recommend consuming at least 8 glasses (64 ounces) of water daily, though individual needs may vary based on activity level, climate, and overall health. According to the Mayo Clinic, staying hydrated is particularly important for elderly individuals and those with certain medical conditions.


“Hydration and Health.” Mayo Clinic, 2023. [Link to study]

“The Impact of Hydration on Cognitive Performance.” Journal of Nutrition, 2022. [Link to study]

“Water Intake and Skin Health.” Dermatology Times, 2023. [Link to article]

Visual Aids:

Infographic showing the benefits of water for different bodily functions.

Chart comparing recommended water intake for different age groups and activity levels.

User Engagement:

Interactive quiz to determine personalized hydration needs.

Links to related articles on hydration and health.


Staying adequately hydrated is essential for maintaining optimal health and preventing various health issues. Incorporating sufficient water intake into your daily routine can have profound benefits for your physical and mental well-being.

Strengths of this content:

  • Depth and Detail: Provides comprehensive information on the benefits of drinking water.
  • Credibility: References credible sources and scientific studies.
  • User Experience: Engaging and well-structured, with clear headings and additional resources.
  • Multimedia Elements: Includes visual aids and interactive elements to enhance understanding and engagement.



The enhanced quality content is detailed, credible, engaging, and provides added value to the reader through references, visual aids, and interactive elements. In contrast, the low-quality content is superficial, repetitive, and lacks authority and engagement.

This illustrates how enhanced quality ranking prioritizes content that is informative, reliable, and user-friendly.

Wrap up

As I mentioned before, these examples were generated by AI. As an experienced content creator, I would have written this differently – certainly using my own tone.  But – you get the idea.

“Blah” content is out. Content that provides value to the reader is in.