Direct Marketers know that proven mail order buyers are twice as likely to respond to a direct mail offer than other consumers. Dataman Group’s Mail Order Responders list gives marketers the edge.

Dataman Group’s list of Mail Order Responders is also call  MOR Bank. This database contains 26 categories of proven mail order buyers. This group of consumers have purchased merchandise, magazines, or services through the mail. Or, they have responded to fund raising offers.

MOR Bank files are matched against the National Consumer Database.  Therefore, they can be used with individual and census overlay demographics for even greater selectability.

According to Wikipedia, a mail order buyer (MOB) is an individual who has ordered items in response to promotions send by mail.  Mail order is  defined as the buying of goods or services by mail delivery. The buyer places an order for the desired products with the merchant via a remote method.

  • sending an order form in the postal mail
  • placing a telephone call, or
  • filling in a form on a Web site or mobile app.  (Note: if the product information is also mainly obtained online rather than via a paper catalog or via television, this model is online shopping or e-commerce)

In the past, many orders were actually sent in through the mail. Nowadays, there are many response vehicles, including phone and digital.  Many consumers who purchase in the mail often return merchandise to a brick and mortar location.

This brings mind the importance of multi-channel marketing for catalogs. Those marketers who have decided to drop their catalogs have experienced a drop in response.

Mail Order Responders – categories:

  • Merchandise Buyers:
    • Upscale
    • Male Oriented
    • Female Oriented
    • Crafts & Hobbies
    • Gardening & Farming
    • Books
    • Collectibles & Specialty Foods
    • Gifts & Gadgets
    • General
  • Magazines & Publications:
    • Family & General
    • Female Oriented
    • Male & Sports Oriented
    • Religious
    • Gardening & Farming
    • Culinary Interests
    • Health & Fitness
  • Contributors:
    • Religious
    • Political
    • Health & Institutional
    • General
  • Do It Yourselfers
  • News & Financial
  • Photography
  • Mail Responders
  • Miscellaneous
  • Odds and Ends

*** Now available!
– e-commerce responsive households.

Consider supplementing the Mail Order Responders list data with Transactional data for an extra push!