Property & Casualty Insurance Agents can reach homeowners before their annual homeowners renewal using Dataman Group’s specially formatted Homeowner X-Date Plus List.

Homeowner insurance is the key to reaching a prospective new client. Let’s face it, many homeowners change their insurance carriers when their homeowners insurance comes up for renewal. This is a great opportunity for P&C Agents to increase their business.

Then it’s in your capable hands. Quality service and a strong product line will insure that they remain with you for many years to come.

Two Homeowner X-Date options

  • Monthly Homeowner X-Date List
  • Homeowner X-Date Plus List

Monthly Homeowner X-Date List

This is list for insurance agents who want to generate a steady stream of incoming leads. Each month, we will send you the Homeowner X-Dates in your area. Therefore, you can keep up with current prospects on a continuous, on-going, non-duplicating basis.

You can request the data in either excel or in an avery-label format and print your own labels. This way your office staff can handle the month’s prospecting chores easily and cost-effectively.

Homeowner X-Date Plus List 

    • Home Owner Name
    • Address
    • City, State, zip
    • Telephone #s where available
    • Home Purchase Date
    • Purchase Amount
    • Home Square Footage
    • Year Built
    • County Name

Agents can easily create personalized letters to these prospects from this list or contact them by phone. With all the information we provide on the Homeowner X-Date Plus List, agents can actually provide preliminary quotes, based on the year built, square footage and purchase price of the home.

Click here to see a sample of our Homeowner X-Date list – it is truly a one-of-a-kind prospect file you can’t afford to pass up!

The Annual X-Date Plus List is the most cost-effective way for an agent to receive their X-Date data. These specially formatted listings are sequenced in month order so the agent can easily locate those homeowners who are coming up for renewal. Home purchase amount, square footage and year built is also included. We suggest the Annual X-Date Plus List for those agents who service a one or two zip code market.


**Looking for Auto X-Dates? Our Auto X-Date list rocks! Check it out here.