You can select Homeowners who are Refinancing-Eligible

  • Can get a new loan that decreases their 30-year mortgage by at least three-quarters of one percentage point (for example, from 3.75% down to 3% or lower).
  • Have at least 20% equity in their home (have paid off 20% of the value).
  • Have good credit (score of 720 or better).

Refinance Prospect Lists – customize your list with these elements

  • Home purchase price
  • Purchase date
  • Mortgage amount
  • Rate type (fixed/ARM)
  • Loan type (FHA/VA/Conventional)
  • Loan date
  • Revolving Debt
  • Market value
  • LTV
  • Age & estimated income of Homeowner
  • Scrubbed telephone # – landlines or cell phones – Need a cold calling script?
  • Email addresses

Cash-out Refinances

This new marketing list lets mortgage brokers reach homeowners who are looking to pay off their old mortgage and keep some extra cash at the same time.

Homeowners with High Interest Rate Mortgages

Dataman Group is able to pull Homeowners who took out mortgages during high interest rate periods.  A mortgage refinance prospect is defined as a home owner who would save at least 75 basis points on the interest rate on their loan. This can translate to a big dollar savings. Because of this, homeowners who can benefit from a refinance are happy to read your offer.

VA Mortgage Holders / VA Streamline Prospects

VA Mortgage Interest Rates are  pretty low. Dataman Group’s sophisticated software can pinpoint your best VA loan prospects. Because of this, you can target VA Borrowers whose origination dates were during higher interest rate periods.

By using our VA Streamline Prospect list, you can reach the millions of homeowners who are in a position to benefit from a Streamline Refinance.

Lender Select

You can select your refinance prospect list by specific mortgage lender. As a result, many banks use this list to find specific refinance prospects in their particular markets.

ARM Resets

You can also select ARM Reset Leads. This lets you reach Adjustable Rate Mortgage Holders. This group may be facing a change in their mortgage payment in the coming months. Consequently, when a homeowner is facing an impending increase in mortgage payments, they are open to your refinance offer.

Telephone Numbers

Lists of Refinance prospects with scrubbed telephone numbers are available. We offer both landline and cell phone data. For information about the telemarketing sales rule, please visit the FTC website and make sure you are in compliance.

Email Addresses

Email addresses are available for many of these refinance prospects. We can append email addresses to your list so you can contact these prospects through multiple channels.